After practicing personal injury and wrongful death litigation exclusively for the past 37 years, I launched a yearlong search for an attorney to whom I could entrust my valued clients, who have meant so much to me and to the success of my law practice throughout the years.  I finally found such an attorney in Joey Messina of The Messina Law Firm.  On June 14, 2019, STREET LAW FIRM merged with THE MESSINA LAW FIRM, and I began the process of familiarizing Joey with my clients and their cases.  Now that Joey has become fully immersed in all my active files, I feel it is time for me to announce my retirement from the practice of law.

All current and past clients of STREET LAW FIRM, and all future clients having a personal injury or wrongful death claim, are urged to contact Attorney Joey Messina by calling 214-420-7333, or via email at jmessina@messinalegal.com.  Joey’s assistant, Jo Anna Joshi, may be reached at the same telephone number, or via email at joanna@messinalegal.com.  My longtime, hard-working assistant, Susan Carter, has joined the staff of The Messina Law Firm and may be reached at the same telephone number, or via email at susancarter@messinalegal.com.

To all my clients, fellow attorneys, and many friends, thank you for your loyalty, trust and friendship throughout these past 37 years. It’s been quite a ride. God bless you all.

Dan Street,


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