Train Crash Injuries

Train Crash Injuries

Train Crash Injuries: The Montparnasse 1895 Express train overran the buffer stop at its Gare Montparnasse terminusTrain crash injuries and fatalities.

Statistics on train crash injuries are collected by The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Their most recent figures on public transit casualties are from 2016. The most noteworthy statistic in the NTSB’s report is that… First of all, railroad deaths rose 8% in 2016, to 813 from 749 in 2015. Probably the cause, according to the NTSB, is “the vast majority of these fatalities continue to be trespassers struck by trains.” At 511 fatalities in 2016.

Human fatigue is a large factor

Similarly noteworthy is, in fatalities that are not due to trespassing, human fatigue by workers plays a large role. As a result, dispatchers and maintenance workers, if not fully rested, can degrade train safety. Consequently, the Federal Railroad Admin found that fatigue is prevalent throughout the railroad workforce. And above all, in train crews that are not on fixed work schedules.

NTSB 2015 Philadelphia train derailment

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