Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety: Child in pool wearing a life vest and goggles.
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Swimming pool safety: How can you protect people from drowning in your swimming pool?

A layered approach

As with any safety issue, the best response is a “layered” approach:

  • Most importantly, surround your pool with a child-proof fence. One which will keep children away from the pool entirely. A properly designed and installed fence that cannot be climbed.
  • Also, it should have a self-latching gate that can be locked, with a handle that is too high for small children to reach.
  • Another layer of protection is to have a pool alarm. Pool alarms float in the water and make noise when they detect an object (such as a child) has fallen into your pool.
  • You, as a pool owner, should take the time to learn CPR. Even the best safety systems sometimes fail. Therefore, knowing CPR can save the lives of both young children and adult guests who fall into your pool.
  • Finally, it’s always advisable to use netting when your pool is not in use.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

With 3,536 drownings between 2004 and 2015 swimming pool safety should be paramount to any pool owner.
Also be sure to take a few minutes to review the CDC website for tips on preventing swimming pool accidents. The life you may save may be your own.
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