Injured by an Animal

Injured by an Animal

Injured by an animal? Who pays?

If you are injured by an animal who pays for the damages? Usually, it is the insurance policy covering the owner of the animal and/or the property where the attack occurred. Most homeowner’s policies will cover injuries caused by the homeowner’s pets, and some homeowners even carry special animal insurance coverage. 

However, if the pet owner is not insured, this does not mean that he is off the hook. If he is found legally liable for your injuries; Consequently he is also responsible for paying your damages. Although that being said, those damages may be more difficult to collect.

Other problems can exist, your relationship to the dog owner for example. You and your next door neighbor are best of friends, but now his dog has bitten you. Find out who will pay, mostly it’s his home-owner’s insurance policy that would cover it. Possibly it’s yours. But weigh carefully before bankrupting your buddy. Consequently, it may also end your relationship.

The one person who should not have to pay is the victim. Your injuries are not your fault. Therefore you should not have to bear the cost. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of an animal attack, contact our office immediately.

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