Mosquito Bite

Employer Responsible For Dangerous Mosquito Bite

West Nile Virus

Employers have a duty to pro­vide their employees with a safe place to work. A recent mosquito bite case may help define just how far that duty goes.

The suit was brought by a worker who had been bitten by a mosquito. Unfortunately, the mosquito-carried the West Nile Virus and the worker contracted encephalitis. As a result, he suffered a severe loss of cognitive function, and he can no longer walk without a cane.

He Sued His Employer

He sued his employer, a rail­road. The evidence showed that the railroad knew of the dangers mosquitos presented but that it had neither warned the employees nor provided those who were working outside and around mosquito-in­fested areas with bug spray.

The railroad argued that there was no evidence showing that the worker had been bitten while work­ing, that it had no duty to protect its employees from “wild” animals, and that in any case, the danger that someone working outside might be bitten by a mosquito is well known.

$780,000 Settlement

The parties initially had trouble finding 12 jurors willing to consider whether the employer should be held liable, but once the jury was seated, the trial took just a few days. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the worker for over $780,000.

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