Fall 2006

 Fall 2006 (Updated)


If you have an e-mail account, chances are that you have already been subject to a phishing attack. “Phishing” is an attempt to get you to reveal private information about yourself (usually your Social Security number or financial information) by sending you an official-looking e-mail. Continue reading


According to many studies, the drug Paxil, a commonly used antidepressant that is also used to treat a number of mood disorders, may have many serious side effects. These studies suggest that Paxil significantly increases the risk of suicide in users aged 18 to 30. Continue reading


When you hear the phrase “medical malpractice,” you usually think of a doctor who has made some terrible medical mistake, such as misdiagnosing a disease or leaving a sponge in a patient during surgery. However, other kinds of things also give rise to what Texas calls a health-care liability claim, including the failure of your doctor to get your informed consent for treatment. Continue reading


Have you ever read the fine print of your credit card agreement? How about the receipt for the TV you purchased? Your apartment lease? If you do, you may find that the fine print requires you to give up your right to sue if you have a complaint about the transaction and, instead, participate in arbitration. Continue reading


Who can you sue for medical malpractice? The answer is pretty much anyone who provides medical care in a negligent way that causes a patient some injury…

More and more people are having the same experience: They are involved in a collision that is not their fault, but, rather than fixing their car, their insurer declares that it is “totaled.” The insurance company pays what it claims is the fair market value of the car and tows it away. However, many people like the car they have and do not want to take a chance with another one. Other people feel that they are not being offered a fair price by the insurer. Do these people have any rights? Continue reading


Despite this modern age of marketing and advertising, the best source of our new business is word-of-mouth. We are grateful that many of our clients and friends feel confident in recommending our Dallas law firm.

Unfortunately, when people need a good personal injury lawyer, they often do not know where to turn. If you or someone you know has been injured and needs legal help, contact us.

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