Diminished Value

No Insurance for Diminished Value of a Vehicle

Fender-Bender Losses

Most of us have experienced the nightmare of a “fender-bender.” Even if you are lucky enough to escape physical injury, a simple car accident can still lead to problems, aggravations, frustrations, and inconveniences. You may find yourself without a vehicle or with a vehicle that needs repairs. Consequently, you may struggle with insurance companies in order to get a property settlement.

Even after your vehicle has been repaired, it remains damaged in your eyes and sometimes in the eyes of others. As a result, it has lost that new look and feel. When you try to sell it, potential buyers will be suspicious. Due to the repairs and may be leery of buying a previously “wrecked” vehicle. Unfortunately, there is not a thing you can do about it except to drive defensively and stay out of accidents.

No Insurance for the diminished value of your car

Texas Standard Personal Auto Policy does not provide coverage to compensate an insured policyholder for the diminished market value of his or her vehicle if it has been adequately repaired.

For all of us covered under the Texas Standard Personal Auto Policy. Which is just about everyone, buckle up, drive safely, and try to avoid accidents. If you find yourself in a car accident and your vehicle needs repair. Then be satisfied if the insurer makes complete and adequate repairs to your vehicle.

It is pointless to fight with the insurance company to try to recover for the diminished value of your car. The insurance company has no legal liability. Save your energy for those fights you can win!

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