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STREET LAW FIRM is a  Dallas personal injury law firm.  We have successfully handled over 10,000 personal injury and wrongful death cases. Also having lost only 9 cases in nearly two decades. Our successes have provided tens of millions of dollars in compensation. Compensation that was paid to individuals and their families suffering personal injury or wrongful death by the negligence of reckless individuals and corporations.

The legal staff at the STREET LAW FIRM have experience in handling a broad spectrum of cases involving serious bodily personal injury and wrongful death, including Dallas car wreck cases.

Meet Our Staff

Nick kostetsky is a Litigation Paralegal and is head of our Litigation Department. Nick works with the attorneys on every file in which a lawsuit has been filed and is current on all developments in your case once it reaches the lawsuit stage. He drafts petitions, motions, responses to summary judgments, and assists with all other pleadings necessary to prepare your case for trial. He also issues “discovery” to the opposing parties in lawsuits and meets with our clients when it is time to answer discovery sent to them. Nick schedules depositions, recorded statements, and mediations. You may reach Nick by telephone at (972) 404-8585, extension 21.

Edward Reinhart is a Pre-Litigation Paralegal Assistant and has worked with multiple personal injury law firms since 2006 in the Dallas area before coming to the STREET LAW FIRM in 2011. You may reach Ed by telephone at (972) 404-8585, extension 16.

Susan Carter, our Legal Assistant works alongside Ed Reinhart in the Pre-Litigation Paralegal Department.  As Head of Intakes, Susan manages most of the new cases and is the primary contact for your case in our litigation team. Initial Client Interviews are handled mostly by Susan and as such will provide a narrative summary of your case, with Ed and finally, to the attorneys.

Fully licensed as a Notary Public Susan is more than adept at handling billing inquiries and medical records requests as a part of managing your case. Susan also schedules meetings with clients and acts as the first point of contact in your case. Reach Susan by telephone, by calling her at (972) 404-8585, extension 14.

Knowledge of your case.

All of our full-time staff assistants are familiar with each case. So it is not necessary for you to speak directly to your attorney to receive an update.

Please utilize our staff assistants for all but the most urgent matters. This will allow your attorney time to work directly on your case.

Dan Street

Dan Street founded the firm in 1982 and has successfully handled many thousands of personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Dan’s experience as a prosecutor in the D. A.’s office and as a Judge gave him lots of time in court. That experience prepared him well to be a personal injury trial lawyer.  While Dan’s skill at negotiating settlements is well-known, he also has over 100 cases in litigation on any given day.  Dan believes in fighting for every last dollar and has literally settled “on the courthouse steps” many times.

Dan has four children, all of whom are in medical practice, medical school or college.  When not battling insurance companies, Dan likes to sail the Caribbean for vigorous stimulating fun.

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