Boating Safety Checklist

Boating Safety Checklist

Boating Safety Checklist: Graphic of a boat that promotes boating safety

Boating Safety Checklist: Summer is in full swing, and that means boating time is in full swing in Texas. Cruising the waters is a thrilling pass-time for many enthusiasts. Often one trip out on the lakes is all you need to get hooked on the activity. So with that in mind, we have prepared a boating safety checklist…

* Be certain you know how to safely operate the watercraft you are piloting. Consider taking a boating safety class.

* Make sure that your watercraft is well cared for. Is in good mechanical shape before taking it out on the water.

* Always wear a life jacket. Remember that children under the age of 13 are required to wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket while underway.

* Carry extra flotation devices in case you need to perform a water rescue.

* Follow the same rules that you would while driving your car: Operate the watercraft at a safe speed, do not overload it, and do not use alcohol. Boating while intoxicated is a crime. Note that is treated in much the same way as DWI, and it carries similar penalties.

Boating Safety Checklist: Image promoting sober boating, shows a person being handcuffed.

* Keep a sharp lookout for submerged objects, other boaters, and, especially, personal watercraft such as jet skis.

Review the Boat Texas Course at the link below, it may just save a life, possibly yours…
Texas Required Equipment-Checklist | Texas Boating Handbook.

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