Amazon Workplace Injuries

Amazon Workplace Injuries

Delivery to your door within 2 hours comes at a price.

Having items delivered to your door within 2 hours of ordering them is an absolute modern miracle, but accomplishing that feat is taking its toll on Amazon’s warehouse staff and delivery personnel. That toll is being manifested in a staggering rise in workplace injuries; from tripping, falling, slipping, lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, at locations such as the shipping and receiving docks, accidents involving fork-lift trucks, conveyor belts, storage accidents, to injuries that occur just as a result of overall manual ‘shipping and handling’ procedures.

With strict delivery times come strict performance monitoring (right down to the number of bathroom breaks employees take), meaning if workers don’t meet their quotas or found to be inefficient or ineffective in their fulfillment duties they will likely be let go, while meeting the requirements and expectations of their fulfillment jobs, the employees’ bodies and health are at risk on a daily basis.

Utilizing AI robotics

Countering many of the risks to its employees, Amazon is utilizing AI robotics to assist in order fulfillment procedures, putting employees at significantly less risk of personal injury. At one time Amazon hired over 800,000 warehouse employees, many of those employees have now been replaced by AI robotics. While Amazon is maximizing the safety and health of its employees, workplace accidents are still going to occur, given they still have around 125,000 warehouse employees exposed to the aforementioned risks to their bodies and health.

The darker side

The darker side of Amazon’s working conditions is also as troubling as how wondrous and awe-inspiring as their AI Robotics are. According to a horrifying investigative article by The Guardian, in April 2018, it found Amazon’s warehouses were listed on the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health’s “dirty dozen” list of most dangerous places to work in the United States.

After injuring his back, one employee was being told by superiors he’s too young to have back problems. Others complain of their paperwork being held up so they can receive the proper treatment they require, or not being provided any at all. There is little doubt Amazon is doing all they can technically and educationally to ensure the health and safety of their employees, but it’s not humanly possible to manage all the claims and instances for unforeseeable errors and injuries that having so many employees in warehouse fulfillment jobs are going to bring.

Injured on the job at Amazon

Have you or a loved one been injured on the job at an Amazon workplace in Texas? Firstly get legal advice, we suggest you contact us at the STREET LAW FIRM. (Not associated with Amazon in any way.)
The legal team at our Dallas offices led by Dan Street who is a proven experienced personal injury lawyer that has earned his clients tens of millions of dollars over the many years he has been in practice.

Do not: Let Amazon coerce you into using one of ‘their’ doctors or agree to mediation before talking to an attorney. Do not sign anything without first contacting our office.

What you must do: Notify your supervisor of your work-related injuries in writing immediately. Seek medical treatment for your injuries right away from a doctor of your choosing. (The staff at our office) can advise you if you need us to, just give STREET LAW FIRM a call at 972-404-8585 or Toll-Free at 866-529-3737)

We want to help you and remember there are no up-front costs or out of pocket expenses until your Amazon Workplace Injury case has been successfully resolved. Give us a call or use our case submittal form here.

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